National Duct And Chimney Cleaning - Extremely Rude!!!

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My husband and I called National Duct and Chimney to get a quote for a chimney cleaning for our home in September 2011.The woman who answered the phone was sooo rude and uninterested in our business.

She rudly hung up the phone after we spoke briefly about a quote, and never called us back with the quote like she had promised. I guess this company is doing so well during this reccesion that they don't need any new business or customers.

I called back several times to speak with the owner (Russ) and my phone calls were never returned once again.I don't suggest calling this company ever!!!

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National Duct And Chimney Cleaning - Don't Hired National Duct& Chimney Cleaning,Newark,De.

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Wife hired National Duct Cleaning& Chimney Cleaning of Newark,De., online as, to clear poorly functioning dryer vent to roof.Noticed no difference and called them back.

Poor air flow continued.

After recently installed floor in attic so I had a safe platform to access and dissemble duct at roof vent I was shocked to find their brush attachment at roof vent.

We know it's their brush because my wife is the original owner of the home and they are the only people she has hired for this service.Having contacted the owner twice with no return phone call to discuss this dishonest behavior,I feel impelled to share this experience with other consumers. The service person knew the brush was stuck and making the situation worse but left pretending they had corrected a problem they actually made worse. These people care very little about issues of integrity.

I would strongly urge anyone considering using them to find another company.I'm plan to pursue further action in small claims court.

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Please be aware this company is absolute Rip off.They came to out home and screw up my chimney . Lady called Marci,she is unprofessional and didnt know basics of chimney cleaning.I have to hire another company to do the work.Please stay away from this company



When can we go to court; you don't seem to call. Russ Waugh

PS John What's the hold up?


I hired National Duct and Chimney a few years ago, and recently had my ducts cleaned again.It was apparent that they did not clean the ducts properly.

There was 10+ years of dust on the vents when National claimed to have cleaned them a few years ago. I thought about the process, and recalled the woman from National telling me that we sould not view how dirty the vents were, and that we couldn't be in the room that she was cleaing. It all adds up now......she was being so secretive because she didn't want us to see that she was not doing her job.

I hope this review helps other consumers.Stay away, these folks are rip off artists.

to anonymous #739251

Sorry Anonymous: It's our policy to send a different team to do the process again at no costs.Please contact me personally.

I teach the teachers.Russ Waugh PS: We do no work in Philadelphia.


This is a personal attack by a non customer.Please submit this name so we can file court action.


Had a good experioence with my air vents and dryer cleaning

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